Elements of Business to Consumer (B2C) relationship caracteristics:

Terms of refererence

  • the organisation defines interaction with customers as a relationship only if it is considered to benefit the organisation

Relational bias

  • the organisation defines and regulates terms and conditions of the relationship, consumers have little opportunity to specify their own terms and/or alterations

Opportunity to vary relational terms

  • the organisation can adapt, modify and change the terms of a customer relationship without negotiation

Relational conflict

  • organisations have greater opportunity to arbitrate, and have greater capacity to impose penalties, in case of disagreement in the relationship

B2C relationships hold no mutual relationship due to four key caracteristics


B2B or B2C relationship

Power of consumer groups and regulations

Competitive position


To determine relationship type

Source of Business to Consumer (B2C) relationship caracteristics:

Fitchett & McDonagh (2000)