Strategic Leadership and E-V-R congruence
Elements of Strategic Leadership and E-V-R congruence:

Vision, resources, environment and leadership influence on strategic position


The influence of “Strategic Leadership – changing the vision” & “Leadership values – changing the positioning”


Strategic vision – thinking: Mission is the heart of everything

Pragmatism – doing: Make things happen

Structure & policies: Flat informal or several layers – business units or divisions

Culture: Top leadership influence, Functional knowledge and values from the past

Balancing E-V-R congruence critical issue

Communications network: Forman and informal communication, communication is two-way

Richardson (1994) Visionary leadership: covert planning (cerebral planning), passion, create culture, persuasive encouraging others, charisma & personal power


To explain relative balance between visionary, planned and emergent strategy creation

Source of Strategic Leadership and E-V-R congruence:

Thompson and Martin, 2010