Elements of Strategy Implementation and Resource management:

The connections in managing individual contributor resources, prioritizing action, describing the ways of getting there to achieve the ultimate end point


Connection between outcome and contribution


Thompson & Strickland, 2003

Five step implementation:

  • Reallocate resources (needed in new strategies)
  • Strategy supportive policies (actions change culture)
  • Institute best practice (competitors, heroes, TQM or financial)
  • Support systems (innovative might be competitive advantage)
  • Motivate (money or not, wholehearted commitment, both stick and carrot, what you measure is what you get)

Kanter, 1989

3 Strategies for large companies

  1. Restructuring to improve synergy
  2. Development of joint-ventures / SA to gain new ideas
  3. Encouragement of intrapeneurship (management balance and reward schemes)

Central vs BU resource allocation:

Rapid growth: overall strategic leader dependent

Stability: ratios for resource allocation in BU

Decline: Centralized


To allocate resources needed to achieve vision and strategies

Source of Strategy Implementation and Resource management:

(Thompson & Martin, 2005)