Elements of Organisational Ecocycle:

Emergent, Rational and Constrained action i relation to organisational life-cycle


An infinity loop  illustrating organisational stages that are all connected to each other. Hence renewal and destruction are part of an ongoing process.

  1. Strategic management – progress and growth by rational strategies and planning
  2. Conservation – demand slows firm conserve effort and increase efficiency
  3. Crisis – as threatened with new competition or technology
  4. Confusion – aftermath of crisis search for direction
  5. Charismatic leadership – new styles of decision making and motivation
  6. Creative network – “emergent” strategies as boundaries break down
  7. Choice – new technical and organizational choices are made
  8. Entrepreneurial action – creative approaches to new ventures


To determine and foresee the organisations stages in life-cycle

Source of Organisational Ecocycle:

Adizes (2004)