Elements of A “Multi-dimensional” relationship marketing ladder of customer loyalty:

PASSIVE relationship -> Existence of need -> Realisation of need -> SUSPECT Problem recognition ->Information search -> PROSPECT Evaluation ->Choise -> CUSTOMER -> CLIENT Post purchase review -> SUPPORTER -> ADVOCATE


Differentiate the Active Relationship with Emphasis on NEW customers and RELATIONSHIP enhancement in keeping customers


Staff training crucial

Managing education and change of customer perceptions

  • Openness
  • Mutual relationship objectives
  • Appreciation of processes in supplying firm

Key activities:

Choosing customers

Best practice of relationships

Reward systems

Global trends to grow customers

Account plans more important than sales plan, and marketing plan

Relationship productivity

Cross industry research (new technologies)


To analyse/develop relationship loyalty

Source of A “Multi-dimensional” relationship marketing ladder of customer loyalty:

(Donaldson & O’Toole, 2007: constructed from ideas from Donaldson, 1990 – Christopher et al, 1991 – Stone & Woodcock, 1995)