Elements of Strategy Evaluation – Selection Criteria:

Appropriateness, Feasibility, Desirability


Factors influencing effectiveness of strategy

A – start left & end right

F – start up & end down

D – start up & end down


Qualitative vs financial judgement

Time evaluating vs first mover

A- Some factors relate upon more than just one criteria

A – Reactive or proactive strategy compared to emerging trends

A – Resource or Opportunity based strategy

A – Positive enthusiasm (desirability influence)

F – Capability to change

F – KSF defined in industry, customer demand etc.

F – Competitor response

F – handling opportunity and risk (change takes time, stakeholders, ongoing modifications)

D – ROI in technology, A&M, R&D, organisational change

D – diversification or focus, technology skills and KSF, managerial ability and competence, environment

D – acceptance of risk, power and influence


Evaluate current and future strategies effectiveness

Source of Strategy Evaluation – Selection Criteria:

Thompson and Martin (2010)

Tilles, 1963