Elements of The Fifth Discipline:

Personal mastery, Mental models, Building shared visions, Team learning, systems thinking


Five learning disciplines to achieve the learning organisation


Personal mastery

  • Self-awareness and sensitivity to strengths and weaknesses in consciously applying the principles and values most important for achieving personal goals. These are qualities that today might be described as emotional intelligence

Mental Models

  • The judgement and perceptions from past experiences that influence what we hear and say, as well as how we react to others

Building shared visions

  • Using the collective capability of a team or an organisation to create and realise a vision in which the sum of the whole is greater than the parts

Team learning

  • Applying this to the first three disciplines allows people who work well together to learn and accomplish more than they could by themselves

Systems thinking

  • Looking at all the organisation not as a set of isolated functions or tasks but as interdependent parts, each of which influences the performance of the whole


To enhance an organisations creative capabilities

Source of The Fifth Dicipline:

(Senge, 1990)