Elements of The Learning Company:
  1. Learning approach to strategy
  2. Participative policy making
  3. Informating
  4. Formative
  5. Internal change
  6. Reward flexibility
  7. Enabling structures
  8. Boundary workers as environmental scanners
  9. Inter-company learning


Comprehensive approach with 11 features common in learning organisations

  1. Learning approach to strategy -> enabling continuous improvement based on experience
  2. Participative policy making -> involving all members of the organisation
  3. Information -> by using information technology to inform and empower people
  4. Formative -> and control to assist learning and add value within the organisation
  5. Internal change -> in which all internal units and departments see themselves as customers and suppliers in a partly regulated collaborative market economy
  6. Reward flexibility -> that challenges previously unstated, hidden and unrecognised assumptions that govern the way people are rewarded
  7. Enabling structures -> to create an organisational architecture to meet current needs while providing the scope for responding to future change
  8. Boundary workers as environmental scanners -> involving all employees interacting with customers, suppliers, channels and even competitors
  9. Inter-company learning -> through mutually advantageous activities between departments and divisions, with suppliers and those in the distribution channel
  10. Inter-company learning -> and culture fostered by managers facilitating experimentation and learning from experience aimed at continuous improvement
  11. Self-development for all -> where people are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and development


To analyse if an organisation can anticipate change and make sense of chaos to respond

Source of The Learning Company:

(Pedler, Boydell & Borgoyne, 1991)