Elements of The Strategic Change Chain:

The Phases; Unfreeze, Mobilise, Release, Reinforce and sustain

The Content that set direction, create early change, secure behaviour, underpin change and strive for continuous improvement

The Outcomes; Break with past, Build the Energy, Performance lift-off, Embed new culture and Push the limits


Linear model striving for continuous performance improvement to sustain change


Cost and time

Building a Coalition That Can Make Change happen

Find the right people:

  • With strong position power, broad expertise and high credibility
  • With leadership and management skills, especially the former

Create Trust:

  • Trough carefully planned off-site events
  • With lots of talk and joint activities

Develop a Common Goal

  • Sensible to the head
  • Appealing to the heart


To manage the change process

Source of The Strategic Change Chain:

Henley Business School