Elements of Theory U the process behind profound innovation:

Sensing – Presencing – Realising

Suspending, Redirecting, Letting Go, Letting Come, Crystalising, Prototyping, Institutionalising



is suspending our current mental models, immersing yourself in the reality of the situation to become one with it


is reaching a state of clarity about and connection to what is emerging, and to an inner knowing where `in a sense, there is no  decision-making What to do just becomes obvious and what is achieved depends on where you’re coming from and who you are as a person`.


is acting to create something new from a source deeper than the rational mind, it is a state of flow that arises from not imposing our will- operating from a larger intention


The expanded self at the bottom of the U naturally encounters a larger purpose

Are human beings fundamentally separate or inseparable from nature?  We need to re-experience our place in the universe before we can see how it needs us as well as how we need it….

… for me it has to do with our stewardship responsibility today

… the “real message of globalization”, is becoming “more aware of how deeply we’re interconnected as human beings across all of society”

The self doesn’t react to a reality outside, nor does it create something new in isolation- rather like the seed of a tree, it becomes the gateway for the coming into being of a new world.

Ultimately it becomes impossible to say `I’m doing this` or `We’re doing this` because the experience is one of unbroken awareness and action.

This sensibility was beautifully expressed more than two thousand years ago in the Bhagavad Gita: `

“All actions are wrought by the qualities of nature only. The self, deluded by egoism, thinketh: `I am the doer`.”


To understand the theory behind innovation processes

Source of Theory U the process behind profound innovation:

(Senge, Scharmer, Jaworkski, and Flowers, 2005)