Elements of The Ten Key Elements of Strategy:
  1. Perspectives of strategy
  2. Corporate strategy synergy
  3. Strategic positioning
  4. Strategy creation
  5. Implementation and structure
  6. Crisis avoiding
  7. Resources and opportunities
  8. Strategic competency
  9. E-V-R congruence
  10. Managing paradox


Shows 10 strategy elements related to change management


1-6 Interdependent   – manage effectively to secure crisis averse

7-10 impact on creation and implementation

  1. Past Emergent Patterns, Position and Plans + corporate vs business levels
  2. Logic defendable heartland (corporate synergy and organisational position)
  3. Activities, competences and capabilities in businesses
  4. Visionary, Planned or Emergent strategy creation
  5. Organisation securing intent – operation ensuring emergent
  6. if 1-5 ok crisis averse but depend on weakness size
  7. New opportunity windows and distinct competence and capabilities
  8. beyond technological competence and process capabilities
  9. congruence of Opportunities and Threats – values – resources  to create change
  10. Stance to deal with issues and challenges


(Thompson & Martin, 2005)