Elements of Types of Strategic Change:

End result: transformation or Realignment

Nature: Incremental or BigBang

Results in:

Adaptation – Change which can be accommodated with the current paradigm (central beleifs and assumptions) and occurs incrementally through staged iniciatives aimed at realigning the way the organisation operates

Reconstruction – Change whocch may be rapid and could involve a good deal of upheaval in an organisation (e.g. major structural changes or cust-cutting programmes), but which does not fundamentally change the paradigm. They are about making organisations more efficient, or better at whetever they already do

Evolution – is transformational change implemented gradually through different stages and interrelated initiatives. It can be planned or forced transformation but can also occur in an emergent manner

Revolution – is fundamental, transformational change that occurs by useing simultaneous initiatives on many fronts, and often in a relatively short space of time. It is more likely to be a forced, reactive transformation(sometimes referred to as “chrisis management”)


Shows relationship between end result and nature of change


(Johnson & Scholes, 2002)

Bourgeois & Brodwin (1984) Five approaches:

  1. Leader strategy managers implement
  2. Leader strategy and implementation process (top down)
  3. Leader and manager share strategy and implementation
  4. Leader mission manager functional strategies
  5. Leader strategy evaluation framework manager ideas

Degree of risk: Predictability – commitment – ease of reversal

“Sometimes what appears to be a poorly judged choise can be turned around with appropriate changes during the implementation phase. It follows, therefore, that risk is best managed in an organisation that has a culture of flexibility and innovation and is succesful at getting its people involved and committed”

(Thompson & Martin, 2005)


Applications: to determine how to manage change – which path to take

Source of Types of Strategic Change:

Balogun et al (2015)