Werther & Chandler (2006)

General Review:

Core Theory (logical explanation or testable model of interaction):

Pxxii Believes that the scope of CSR, “Is a mosaic of issues. Which issues are most important today or tomorrow evolve with changes in society and competitive environment.”

P59 Brand management (positive brand building – brand insurance – chrisis management = intangible value exceeding tangible)

Core concepts (abstract idea or a mental symbol):

P6 list of definitions

P44 Strategic lens: Vision (why), Mission (what to do), Strategy (how), Tactics (when & where) P45 organisation and environmental constraints (CSR as a FILTER between strategy and mission BASED ON SOCIETAL CONSIDERATIONS)


Core framework (structure used to outline, address or solve complex issues):

P60 The strategic CSR model

P65 CSR threshold – variation between companies

Core models (pattern, plan or description showing main object or workings of concept):

P4 A firms Stakeholders – Societal – Economic – Organisational

Methods used:

Desk research


P9 Archie B Carroll (1991) The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility: Toward the Moral Management of Organisational Stakeholders, Business Horizons, July-August

Relatedness to objective:

p xix CSR helps business optimize both ends of profit and means of execution

strategic CSR from a stakeholder perspective, embracing external environment, most effective way is to consider the needs and values of key stakeholders

Relatedness to questions:

P50 Threshold levels – p49 (Caroll) evolution of expectations from discretionary to ethical to mandatory.

Arguments/points made (set of one or more declarative sentences):

P19-20 trands influencing CSR relevance – Increasing affluence (brand trust) – Changing social expectations (ethics) – Globalization and free flow of information (fast eye witness) – Ecological Sustainability.

P59 competitive differentiator


Friedman p xvii and the other end of spectrum seeking the balance




P4 Stakeholder view of governments not having any economic relationships with companies, or as a formal part