Following the below five steps, will assist in alignment of your mind and pen to the expectations of the examining party.

You also need to present a clear structure in your answer. At the bottom you will find notes on this subject.

Do careful reading and see it in full case perspective – the purpose is to determine the answer to the questions in as broad a perspective as possible, and how you could develop an answer that support this!


– what are really asked and what are issues you are supposed to address?
– split question relationship?
– if uncertain, “I understand the question to mean…”

– Analyse, access, evaluate, appraise is putting it into patterns that tell you something
– Discuss is to talk about for and against

Note your answer either in notes (quick/short) or in exam booklet (risky if your discussion afterwards is not related) – the purpose is to answer the question and demonstrate logical and useful conclusions relevant to management in the case!

Make a note of the structure of models/theory and discussion you will use to lead to your answer – the purpose is to develop and explanation of the points you make, that are relevant to the answer!

Use you prepared models to be sure of WHAT and WHERE the case relevance are, and WHY it or connections between models are relevant in the broad context of the case – the purpose is to show you know, can use and apply theory and models to cases specific data (qualitative and quantitative)!

Folow the prepared structure with the shortly notet answer as a beacon – the purpose is to keep you on track and your focus on the overall purpose of the Exam!



-according to the case, – referring to the case the,  – the situation in the case seems to be….

-building on data and facts from the case


– to help analyse the situation of X the model of,  – to access the issues relevant to management…..


– describe WHY, is it case relevant and  WHAT it says and APPLY to context/case, remember WHO name and year.

–  use SHORT sentences, focus on output from models and underline trigger words and stick to BASICS no grade for brilliance!

(Use of Arguments – reference with name, year – own points only if justified)


– ANSWER QUESTION building on main issues in case, and SUMMARY of ARGUMENTS using words from question

– supported by illustrations earlier

– Prioritize recommendations!