How to pass an MBA Exam – at A level

Prepare your notes in teams

Study the case in teams

  • One week (5-6 days) away from the world
  • Question and listen to each other
  • Agree on the story-line
  • Make time to have fun

It will be an experience to remember for a lifetime

Read and Describe an Overview of the Case

  • Where are they and where were they supposed to be (present)
  • What went wrong and why (past)
  • What should management do (future)

Make a timeline
– note all major events in the case described.

Calculate ALL financial data
– align events and financial data on timeline.

Do ALL the relevant strategic analysis
– remember that the linkage between analysis is important.

Describe ALL the relevant business transformation issues

  • Relevance means – USEFULL TO MANAGEMENT
  • Narrow down in further theories and models in KEY ISSUES

Create an Overview + Restate “The Situation in Brief”

The company is in this industry and doing this type of business. The situation is brief, is that …………………….

Do the note sheet ALONE but – inspire each other in the team
– Actual note sheets below from Henley MBA Exam.

Remember the purpose of your exam:

  • to determine the answer to the questions in as broad a perspective as possible, and how you could develop an answer that support this!
  • to develop and explanation of the points you make, that are relevant to the answer!
  • to show you know, can use and apply theory and models to cases specific data (qualitative and quantitative)!
  • to answer question and demonstrate logical and useful conclusions relevant to management in the case!

Prepare your mind at the exam:

  • read carefully and see it in the full case perspective
  • note your answer either in notes (quick/short) or in exam booklet (risky if your discussion afterwards is not related)
  • make a note of the structure of models/theory and discussion you will use to lead to your answer
  • use your prepared models to be sure of WHAT and WHERE the case relevance are, and WHY it or connections between models are relevant in the broad context of the case

This will prepare your mind for meeting the purpose of your exam.

Your grade will depend of how you prepare and how well you understand the purpose of your exam.