Elements of Knowledge Management:

Codify explicit knowledge: Portals, Intranets, Databases, Customer info

In process – expert connection, context specific people finder, process reviews, learning from projects, designing the office space

Relationships for tacit knowledge exchange: Communities of practice, culture change, leadership development

StepKey QuestionAction
1How do you want to play the game?Articulate desired or intended strategy
2What do you need to know?Articulate strategy -> knowledge link
3What do you know?Create internal knowledge map
4What’s your internal knowledge gap?Compare what you need to know to what you do know
5What do your competitors know?Create external (competitor/industry) knowledge gap
6What’s your external knowledge gap?Compare what you know to what your competitors know
7What is your learning cycle?Assess your dynamic learning capabilities and intentions
8What are your competitors’ and industry’s learning cycles and capabilities?Assess yur industry’s and competitors dynamic learning capabilities and intentions
9What is your learning gap?Compare your dynamic learning capabilities to those of your competitors and your industry
10What’s your internal strategic gap?Assess how your internal knowledge gap affects your current strategy
11What’s your external strategic gap?Assess how your external knowledge gap affects your current strategy
12What’s your industry cycle strategic gap?Assess how your dynamic learning gap affects your future strategy
13What’s your current and future strategy?Determine if and how your knowledge and learning gaps require a revision in strategy
14What’s your knowledge strategy?Determine how aggressive you will be to close your knowledge gaps, *Regarding exploration vs exploitation,   *Regarding internal vs external sources


People – Process – Technology

Truch, 2001: Both Exploration and Exploitation must be incorporated to be successful

Knowledge management Forum, HMC: Benefits are:

Cost reduction, improved competitiveness, knowledge intensity, developing culture, increasing effectiveness, RO technology I


To create a link between strategy and what people need to know

Source of Knowledge Management:

(Zack, 1999)