Handy (2002)

General Review:

A rhetoric article, stating the need for corporations to do more good, by changing focus from shareholders and profit towards other stakeholders, employees in particular, and measurement of contribution to society.

Core Theory (logical explanation or testable model of interaction):

Core concepts (abstract idea or a mental symbol):

Core framework (structure used to outline, address or solve complex issues):

Core models (pattern, plan or description showing main object or workings of concept):

Methods used:


Relatedness to objective:

P67 “To many, it seems that executives no longer run their companies for the benefit of consumers, or even of their shareholders and employees, but for their personal ambition and financial gain.” The statement is based on polls in US and UK.

Relatedness to questions:

Arguments/points made (set of one or more declarative sentences):

P69 Stock options increasingly used to motivate executives, drive towards short term objectives.

P73 Argues that employees, the intellectual capital, thinking of the company as “their” company, must be seen as assets rather than costs to be minimized.

P81 “We should, as charitable organisations do, measure success in terms of outcomes for others as well as outcomes for ourselves.”


Criticises the movement during the 80’s where Regan/Thatcher gave more freedom to the corporations, mainly driven by Franklins vies of the free market.



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